It is one of the more serious and complex problems of our time: Hunger. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), our world would have the resources to nourish 12 billion people. Yet worldwide, one billion people are suffering from chronic hunger. How is this possible?  David Syz, the former State Secretary for Economic Affairs, seeks answers to exactly this question and is digging deeper: What influences do subsidies from the Western world have on hunger? What role do speculators in the stock exchanges play? How far does political responsibility in the international community and in each individual country go in order to fight hunger? And what does the African farmer's daily fight against hunger look like? The movie brings in the Farm Belt of the USA, in the mountains of Switzerland, to Senegal and Ethiopia.

On his worldwide search for clues and solutions, David Syz discovers astonishing  answers and these are not so far out of reach.

Eminent persons

Jean Ziegler
Former  Special UN-Rapporteur for Food Security

Franz Fischler
Former EU-Commissioner for Agriculture

Pascal Lamy
Director General WTO

Kostas Stamoulis Senior Officer (FAO)
Steven Were Omamo Senior Officer (WFP) 
Jean-Philippe Audinet Senior Officer, Investment Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Aliou Dia Deputy at Parliament 
Khadim Guèye Minister for Agriculture Senegal 
Khouraïchi Thiam Minister for Fishery Senegal
Souleymane Bassoum Programm Coordinator, Fastenopfer Senegal
Laba N’Doye Fisherman, M‘Bour

Eleni Gabre-Madhin CEO, Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX)
Chris Annen Helvetas, Ethiopia 
Bernhard Meier zu Biesen Welthungerhilfe, Ethiopia

Tres Knippa Trader at CME Chicago
Marc Gold Senior Adviser on Commodity Trading, Chicago
Tamara Nelsen Senior Officer Illinois Farm Bureau
John Phipps
 Farmer Illinois
Tom Uthe Farmer Iowa

and many more.

Authors David Syz & Christian Neu
Director Christian Neu
DOP Philippe Cordey
Editor Anja Bombelli, Yves Scagliola, Ruth Schläpfer
Music Alex Nietzsche
Sound Design and Sound Editing Roman Bergamin
Producers David Syz, Robin Burgauer, Patrick M. Müller
Production Manager Ninetta Roggli
Productions Assistants Andrea Meyer
Production ecodocs ag and DOCMINE

Realisation/Production DOCMINE Productions AG and ecodocs ag
Together with Helvetas and Fastenopfer

Motion Picture 76 min 
TV Version / Educational Edition 52 min

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