More and more people are entering the labour market: youngsters, dismissed workers, immigrants. The battle for work is a battle of each and everyone against all others, in traditional industrial countries as well as in emerging economies. In his fourth movie, David Syz, a former Secretary of State for Economy in Switzerland, shows how various countries cope with unemployment and tries to find out whether and how the different countries could learn from each other. In his focus: Spain with an unemployment rate of 27% and South Korea with one of 4%.


Guy Ryder
Director General International Labour Organisation (ILO)

«The global phenomenon of unemployment is critical. Today, over 200 million people all over the world are jobless. And for young people under the age of 25, the possibility of being jobless is two to three times as high as for older people.»

Xabier Thibault Aranda
Director General for Employment and Social Security, Madrid

«We are masters in destroying jobs. We did destroy many more jobs than all our neighboring countries. The simple explanation: lack of inner flexibility.»

Kim Jin Sook
Former Union Leader Hanjin SC, Busan

«During the crisis of 1997, the politicians should have helped and protected us. But all they did was to enable mass dismissals and the hiring of temporary employees. Thereby, the negotiating position enforced by labour strike is ruined.»


Eminent Persons:

Eva Menor Cantador Mayor of Badia de Valles (Barcelona)
Jose Maria Lacasa Aso Secretary General Chamber of Commerce Madrid (CEOE)
Juan Sola Martinez Secretary General Labor Union UGT, Almerìa
Abdil Majib Dyab Moroccan Immigrant, Almeria
Min Kang North Corean Refugee, Seoul
Lee Yong Sok Shoe Polisher, Seoul
Prof. Kim Chung Ho Yonsei Universität, Seoul


Idea David Syz
Director Christian Neu
DOP Philippe Cordey
Authors David Syz & Christian Neu
Editor Felix Balke
Music Sebastian Fillenberg
Sound Design Jung Gook Kim, Pablo Demichelis, Raymond Anderegg
Sound Mastering, Mix, Mastering Martin Stäheli
Research Susanne Resch, Marcos Gómez, Katja Lindner

Production Manager Ninetta Roggli
Production Assistants Susanne Resch, Moira Rehsche

Production ecodocs ag & DOCMINE Productions AG
Producers David Syz, Patrick Müller, Christian Neu

Motion Picture 94 min 

© 2015 DOCMINE Productions AG, ecodocs ag