Over the last decades huge money has been invested in the fight against poverty. Yet this issue has to remain on the top of the world politics agenda. What went wrong that still over a billion of people have to live with less than a dollar a day? The key for a successful fight against poverty is the creation of sustainable jobs in the developing countries. The movie shows with examples in three continents what this would require and how this can be achieved. Mercy alone will never suffice to eradicate poverty.

Fighting global poverty is one of the major challenges of the 21st century - and it concerns us all. Despite massive flows of aid to developing countries, one in four of the world‘s population lives on less than a dollar a day. In this film, we travel to three continents to investigate how we in the west can help to unlock the economic potential of all citizens in poor countries. Our evidence points to an urgent need to rethink aid and investment. We discover that the model of development favoured by the west simply does not work. In this powerful and moving filmic journey we go under the skin of three countries that have been praised for their economic achievements. In Peru, Mozambique and Pakistan we discover that poor people are barely reaping the benefits of growth - and they tell their own stories in their own words. Their testimony is both surprising and compelling.

P. Brabeck Chairman Nestlé
J.A. Chissano former President of Mozambique
H. de Soto Director Institute for Liberty and Democracy
Mo Ibrahim African investor
B. Stocking Chief Executive Oxfam
Y. Tandon Executive director South Centre

and many more

Director Mark Galloway
Assistant Director Sonja Schenkel
Authors David Syz, Mark Galloway and Sonja Schenkel
DOP Philippe Cordey
Editor Anja Bombelli
Assistant Editor Thomas Waidelich
Sound Engineer Roman Bergamin
Composer Thomas Silvestri
Narrator (German) Irina Schönen
Narrator (English) Mark Halliley
Producers David Syz and Patrick Müller
Production Coordinator Alexa Meyer
Produced by ecodocs ag and DOCMINE Productions AG
Distribution DOCMINE Productions AG

Normal Version 49 min 
TV Version / Educational Edition 91 min (incl. extra footage)

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